Sunday, November 29, 2009

Smart Kid

Now I know that every parent thinks they have the smartest and cutest kid. I am also one of those parents that thinks that I have 2 of the many smart & cute kids out there!!

Tanner was an "alert" baby from the time he was born. He could hold his head up from birth and kept on from there! He currently is getting straight A's in school and still going strong! I am very proud of him and continue to encourage him daily! I have to admit that I have become a little concerned in the last few weeks about him tho....I love him dearly, he is my firstborn son. I am just wondering tho if he isn't going to be one of those guys that is really "book smart" and has no common sense?? I mean he is smart but then the basic common sense stuff he just don't get!! And even him having to figure out the simplest problems, he won't get it! But give him something more complicated and almost over my head and he figures it out! I am working on him tho as I want him to have some common sense as well. But if his brain power gets him places in life but he doesn't get how to sort color clothes from whites, well then I guess you take the good with the bad! Or I guess that means he will need Mommy for a long time!! LOL I do understand that he is only 9 tho and has more growing to do so hopefully, just hopefully, that common sense will get thru those smart brain cells somehow!

Now Logan, the 3 year old on the other hand! OH.BOY!! I am a little concerned about what this child is going to do. He is definately smart. He currently can spell his name and even type it on the computer. He also loves watching Ni Hao Kalan, Dora and Diego so that he can learn Chinese and Spanish. This is how smart this child is so far.....

Logan: "Daddy, we don't say ugly words do we?"
Daddy: "No buddy, we don't say ugly words."
Logan: "But we can in spanish."
Daddy: "What ugly words do you know in spanish?"
Logan: "You say them first Daddy.."

He was trying to get Daddy to say them first so that Daddy could get in trouble for it! He is smart I tell ya!!!

Now what am I going to do with these 2 boys??? I haven't figured it out yet but I do know that they fill my heart with so much love & joy! I love them both dearly!!

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