Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Am Back!!

Ok after almost a month gone, I am back! I am dedicating myself to updating this blog regularly! I will admit that facebook has sucked me in and I have spent my extra time playing games on there. But I am back now cause I really enjoy blogging. I got into this rut where I felt like I didn't have anything worth writing about. I read several blogs every night before bed and just felt like I didn't have things to share like they do. But thanks to Emily, she encouraged me to keep going so that my kids can look back one day and read it. So that is what I am going to do!

Things have been really busy at our house with school, me volunteering at the school, Tanner playing flag football, Hubby working. Football is over for this season so maybe that will help things to slow down a little bit. So I am back and I hope that someone reads my blog still. Please leave me a comment and just say Hi!

Thanks Emily for the encouragement!!


  1. welcome back, nice to meet you

  2. Hey I still Read our BLOGS just to let you know I was wondering when you are going to write more. Well How are things going? How is everybody? Hope you are doing good and tell everybody Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I will talk to you later.
    Love ya all,
    Your Cuz, Cody