Friday, October 16, 2009

Lazy Friday

I have been so so lazy today! It is so unlike me to be like this! I changed into my pj's at 5:30pm, even Hubby kind of looked at me crazy! He of all people knows that is NOT like me! I just have not felt all that great the last few days and decided it was going to be a lazy evening.

My week of volunteering for the book fair at Tanner's school ended on Wed...well Thurs really. Wed was the last day it was open and I had to leave early due to Logan getting sick. Fortunately it was a short lived sickness!! He was eating again by that evening! Since I had to leave early Wed, we had to go back for a couple hours on Thurs afternoon to pack it all up. The packing up part went very quick and I was honored to have been asked to be in charge of running the one in Spring by the teacher that was responsible for this sale! It made me feel good that she thought I did good enough job to do it again!! Thurs I was having alot more pain in my muscles but there was also a change in the temperature. That is never a good thing for my muscles!

Today the pain continued as well as just not feeling like I had energy. I took it easy through out the day, only doing laundry and being a Mom. I was able to take a little nap before having to pick Hubby up from work. After getting home, I tried to start cleaning Tanner's room and broke out in this clammy sweat like when you have a fever. That is when I decided to take it easy. I don't have a fever and besides this dull headache and not much "get up and go", I am ok. So the family just hung out and ate pizza. We did all 4 play a few games of Uno. It was bittersweet to play as a family of 4, our little guy is growing up so fast! He can play big kid games!! It was too cute!! It was a nice evening, very not like me, but good. I hope to feel much better the rest of the weekend so that I can get the cleaning done I wanted to.

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