Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 Days til Homebound

We are still here in CO with only 6 days til we are headed back home. I think all 3 of us are ready to go home and back to normal day to day life! This has been a long visit and a little rough on us. Unfortunately it hasn't been the best visit but there have been good things that have came out of it.

Our original plan was to be here for 3 weeks visiting. I was hoping to spend lots of time with Lil Sis, as she is always wanting "sister" time...but that hasn't been the case. Not too sure what is going on but it has been pretty impossible to visit with her. She seems to always have other things going on. I can only hope that things are well with her. There isn't much I can do if she isn't willing to talk to me but I do have peace knowing that I tried pretty close to daily to invite her to do something with me. I am also concerned about my Brother. He seemed ok for awhile but lately has not been coming around and just doesn't look well when I do see him. Not too sure what is going on and again I can't do anything if he doesn't talk either. All I can do is pray that they find peace and happiness. They both know that I am always here for them at anytime!

We ended up staying an extra 2 weeks due to my Uncle's rehab. He was admitted to inpatient rehab just 2 days before I came out here. He was to be there for 28 days and I wanted to be able to see him graduate. I also wanted to spend time with him at home so that is why we are here longer. I am very proud of him and proud to say that he did make it through his 28 days and has been home for 3 days now doing well! I have known him my entire life to drink and in the last few years he also gotten addicted to prescription medicine. Today makes day 31 of being sober from both alcohol and drugs!! He is doing amazing!! It is just amazing (sorry to keep using that word, I don't know of anything else to describe it.)to see him not being in so much pain, to be happy, upbeat, positive, walks not only without a cane but walks FAST! He has attended his daily AA/NA meetings everyday as well as has taken care of several "chores" around the house. It is so awesome and I love him so much!! If it was not for him and Auntie being there for me all my life, I would not be where I am today!! They are truly pillar of support for me and I greatly appreciate them!

So what will we do with our remaining days here in wonderful CO?? We are not exactly sure yet, just taking one day at a time. I am hoping that we are able to take Logan fishing at least 1 time, that is all he has wanted to do since getting here. I am sure this weekend will be lots of fun as the last weekend here.

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