Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am trying very hard to get back into a regular routine/schedule. Since getting home last week, it seems I can't get motivated to do much or get much accomplished. I have been very tired but am starting to feel more human again. I am sure Hubby will be glad to see me now wanting to sleep all the time!!

Tanner started his new school last Thurs and so far likes it pretty well. He was excited to go today because he was going to PE, that is a good thing I thought. We have explained to him that it will get harder this year and move faster than he is used to but the challenge is good for him. We are trying to keep him as interested in learning as we can. We want him to do really well and pursue his dreams. Unfortunately education wasn't encouraged very well for me or Hubby growing up. I wish it would have been encouraged more so that we would have pursued going to college and getting degrees in something. Tanner is a fast learner and gets bored when things move along slow...hopefully this year will be different! I would rather him have a challenge and have to work a little than to get bored and have no interest. That is some of what happened to Hubby...he is very smart!! So I am hoping the best for Tanner this year at this school!

Logan is doing better slowly from his crazy high fever while in CO. He has taken awhile to not be grouchy/whiny and so sleepy. His fiesty "intense" self is coming back day by day. I am hoping to get him involved in soccer or something this fall to give him something to be involved in. I am pretty nervous for him to go to school. Just being honest! I am going to have the child that is mean to the other kids in class I am afraid! I am working hard to change that but it has been a huge struggle for me!

So besides on getting things cleaned up at home and working on getting everyone on a schedule, there isn't much else to report. With getting everyone on a schedule I am hoping to be able to post on here more. Hopefully next time I will have more cute pictures!!

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