Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Days

Most of our days here in CO are spent at the park. The boys and I go to a few different parks depending on how hot it is that day. There is one that has a splash pad and river for the kids to play in as well as the usual park toys to climb on. There is another that has tons and tons of geese in the lake that we can feed bread to as well as play and climb on the toys. There have been a couple others that we have visited but these 2 are the main ones. The boys have tons of fun while running around. And since CO isn't the same "hot" as OK, I love being outside relaxing or playing with them. It isn't near as hot here and the humidity isn't like it is in OK. We love to be outside so are taking full advantage of it!

The evenings are spent either getting together with my family for dinner, hanging out at my Auntie's house or visiting someone. Seems most evenings we have something to do these days. I am enjoying to be able to be here with my Auntie while my Uncle is getting the help he needs for his addictions.

These are our days here in CO!
Boys checking out the river

Boys in River (it was cold!)

Tanner floating the River

Cutie Logan & Mommy at Park

Boys all tuckered out!!

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