Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back on Tulsa Time

We safely made it home to Hubby yesterday afternoon. It was a crazy day getting home but we made it safe and that is what matters!

I was already a little "concerned" about only having 45 minutes for our layover in Houston so when we got to the ticket counter and was told the plane was about 5 minutes late, well you can imagine the panic racing thru my mind! I was calm tho as I had to be since I was flying with the 2 boys and didn't want them to worry. We finally reached out gate which had to be the one at the end of the hall on the last concourse but not before going thru the HUGE line to get to security, the train ride to the concourse, the "moving walkway" (what are those things called?? Like an escalator but flat, you can either stand still and it takes you or you can walk and you walk it twice as fast as if you were on the regular floor.) and the escalators! Everyone gets loaded on the plane and the pilot announces that not only are we about 10 minutes behind schedule but there is some sort of security breach in the airport so noone is allowed to move til its cleared!!......Just.Freaking.Great! I call Hubby to have him call the airline to see when the next flight out of Houston that we would be able to get on would be as I knew at this point we were not making it to the next plane!

We FINALLY take off, the pilot announces that we should land at 45 after the hour....our next plane leaves at 50 after the hour! Yes that leaves 5 whole minutes to get off the plane and get to the next gate....really not feeling that it is going to happen. During the 2 1/2 hour flight I was able to come to terms with us catching the next available flight. I explained to Tanner that we would have to wait for the next one they could get us on and that we would get something to eat while waiting. We were kind of looking forward to that!!

As we are walking out of the tunnel thing that connects the plane to the airport we hear all 3 of our names plus 2 others being announced to come to gate 50. That happens to be our next gate...huh! We were getting off the plane 10 minutes after our other plane was to depart so I was sure we were not making that plane.....but I was completely wrong! We get to that gate and find out that the plane is waiting for awesome is that??? I text Hubby real fast as we are running thru the tunnel to let him know we would be there at our regularly scheduled time!!!

Now new panic is setting in my chest as I was concerned how my lovely 3 year old would do flying another 1 1/2 hours after just getting off a 2 1/2 hour one....oh boy! And I am so happy and pleased to say that he did wonderful!! Of course they were hungry but there was not one whine or cry about it. In fact there was not one whine, cry, fight, hit, kick, pinch, arugment to be had! It was awesome!!! Long story but we are home...and we are all happy to be a family of 4 again!! I am way happy to have Hubby at my side rather than doing all the parenting on my own!

And now that our huge 5 week trip is behind us, we are trying to get back into regular routine again! I have still not completed unpacking yet but will get it done. Tanner is all set to start his 1st day of 3rd grade at his new school tomorrow. Let's hope that it goes well. He is attending a charter school this year and I hope it is just what he needs to keep his interest in learning and excelling! Of course Mommy has made a deal he can't turn we shall see how this 3rd grade journey goes!

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