Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where oh Where Have I gone....

Things have been really busy around here lately. Besides trying to entertain the boys while it rains during the day, I have been going to visit my Uncle who is in rehab.

I was fortunate to spend all last weekend up there with him and my Auntie. We learned all about chemical dependency and co-dependancy. It was a very emotional but inspirational weekend!! He has been there for almost 4 weeks now and will be "graduating" this Sat. He may come home on Sunday but it could be later in the week. He is a little scared to come home, he really feels that he needs further therapy so we will see how that all works out.

I little background...my Uncle has drank my entire life, that is how I know my Uncle. He has always been very special to me as him and I have been close my entire life. I know that he is always there for me no matter what. In the few years he has also become addicted to pain pills, oxy being the main one. He was the one who said that he needed help and that is what he got! To see him now is amazing!! He looks great, he feels good and he is still very funny!! That is one thing that I have loved about him is that he always made me laugh. I was a little worried the first weekend I went to see him that he would be a different person since I only knew him drinking. But he is the same with even better things about him. Everyday we were there this weeekend we would take walks. We walked at least 2 miles everyday and it was hard for me and Auntie to keep up with him, he walks fast!!! I am excited but scared for him to come home. I am excited to spend more time with him here at home but also scared for him. I know he plans to go to AA everyday but besides that I hope he is able to stay busy and upbeat so that he doesn't get down and want to drink. I am behind him 110% and will do whatever he needs to help him stay sober!

It was an exhausting weekend since we drove back and forth everyday which is an hour one way. I was not able to leave Logan all night since he hasn't spent the night away from me since he was a baby. I am very thankful that my Sis-in-law, Brother and Lil Sis were able to help me by watching my boys all weekend. I love family so much cause we help each other out!!

I am off now to take the boys to the park with water sprinklers! It is finally not cool and raining so we are going to go outside for the day!!

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