Monday, September 7, 2009

9 Years Old!

I am now the Mommy to a 9 year old and 3 year old!! How in the world did that happen so fast?? There is no way that 9 years have pasted that quickly!!.....(I can dream right??)....

So my oldest (who have I mentioned is 9 now?) thinks he is Mr Model or something lately and loves to "pose" when I have the camera out. Here he is yesterday (when he was still 8) at the river.

We spent the day with him and Logan at the zoo here in town. It was a nice time with the exception of being HOT! But it was a very fun day as a family!! Here he is posing at the zoo...again...(this time he is now 9!)

Here is him and Logan together at this face sculpture thingy.
Notice how Logan is picking the sculpture's nose??
The boys took a break from looking at animals and decided to climb the rock wall. Here is the new 9 year old after he made his way to the top with Daddy's help...
Now getting down was a whole different story! Here is Logan after he made his way to the top with Daddy's help...

It was a nice family day and now we are all hanging out at home this evening just relaxing. The sun and heat kind of wore Mommy and Daddy out. I wish the boys could give me half of their energy! These 2 people..
are very proud of our 2 boys! It has been an awesome 9 years with Tanner that I would not trade for the world. I am excited to see what this year brings for him! I am hoping a new attitude some days but we will see. Let the 9 year old boy adventures begin!!

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  1. That is so funny that your son love to pose! My 8 year old loves to do that too lol. His favorite poses usually have to do with him giving what I call "the cool guy" point...he is looking cool and pointing at the camera. Little boys are so funny...especially when they are turning into big boys.