Friday, September 4, 2009

At Home Mommy

I am loving being at home with my Boys!! We are trying to settle into a regular routine and are just about there. Logan and I enjoy our days together when Bubba is in school. The mornings are usually laid back. That is when Logan watches Dora and Diego. You can also find him doing some of this as well...
He loves playing games on the laptop while cartoons are on. I have to say that he does pretty well with them!! He is good for being 3 years old. I also have been working on shapes, letters and numbers with him. He can recognize some of the numbers and letters on his own.

The afternoons are usually spent playing with Hot Wheels tracks or me doing things around the house. It is just nice to be home with the boys. I like to be able to help Tanner with homework when he gets home and it not be a huge hurry up issue.

It is about to get busier around our house as football season is upon us. Hubby is busy during football season with his many fantasy football teams as well as watching the games. Tanner will be playing flag football for his 3rd year. I was hoping to get Logan into soccer or something but looks like he needs to be 4 years old. So next spring we will look into that. Not sure what his sport of choice will be...will be interesting to see.

I am off now to get some things done before the weekend is here! It is date night for Hubby and I. Tanner turns 9 on Monday so we will be doing special things with him this weekend as well. Hope it is a nice Labor Day weekend for everyone!!

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