Monday, September 28, 2009

A Week Later...

Sorry I have not gotten any better at posting anything more than a week apart! I just have not been taking the time to stop and actually post on my own blog. I still read several daily, usually before I go to bed at night. I am irritated at myself cause I had a subject to write about just a little while ago and now can't remember what it was!

Since taking on the job of Volunteer Coordinator for the PTO of Tanner's school, I have been really busy! Seems like there is always an email to send out. Now if I could just get them back, things would be going good! I send them out letting parents know what is going on but get very little response. I am hoping it will get better since this is a new school. All I can do is get the word out there and that is what I keep telling myself. With helping at the school and still being an At-Home Mommy I don't get bored! And add to that...Tanner started flag football practice and has games starting next week! How will we ever juggle it with both boys in some sport?? It will be fun!!

I did get to spend last Sat with Hubby's Aunt & Uncle at a marching band competition out of town. It was a very long day...we left at 8:30am and returned at 1:30am. Hubby's cousin is marching in his high school band this year as an 8th grader!! He does very awesome!! He has learned and caught on to it very well!! It brought back all the high school memories of my days! Although this was a little different because these schools were way bigger than the one that I attended. They all had some awesome shows. The school we were supporting came in 8th out of 21! I am looking like a red raccoon right now but had alot of fun! I can't wait to go on the 10th to another one!! Next time I will remember sunscreen!

Besides all that stuff there isn't much else going on! Or at least I don't know that I have time for much else to go on...and now I will go so I can get ready to go to the school and see what is going on today!

I hope to be back sooner than a week but if not...have a great week!!

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  1. He did give you a bad day. I'm hoping today and the rest of your weekend go smoothly.